Tournament Info

Here we will update you with information as to tournament dates and locations, as well as sharing how the club fared at each tournament!

Tournament Dates:

  • March 12th – Polocrosse Ball, Co.Cork
  • 21st-22nd May -Wicklow
  • 4th-5th June – Horetown
  • 18th-19th June – Waterford
  • 2nd-3rd July – Birr (Tri-Nations)
  • 16th-17th July – Equus (Veterans/Masters)
  • 30th-31st July – Limerick
  • 13th-14th August – Carrickmines
  • 27th-28th August – Cork
  • 10th-11th September – Nationals Wicklow Bay (one-day tournament)


Wicklow Bay – May 21st & 22nd:
C Grade: 1st – Cillian Boland, Cian Boland & Theo Boland.
2nd – Naomi Crowley, Sean Kirrane, Gokmen Altinkulp.
Best Horse and Rider – Sam Speedy & Whiskey.

Horetown – June 5th & 6th:
B Grade: 1st – Richard Donnelly, Paul Boland, Cillian Boland.
4th – Tom O’Malley, Sam Speedy, Cian Boland.
C Grade: Best Horse & Rider – Rosie McKeown & CC.
D Grade: 1st – Victoria McArthur, Siobhan O’Keeffe, Anna von Schintling Horny.

Waterford – June 18th & 19th:
B Grade: 2nd – Tom O’Malley, Sam Speedy, Richard Donnelly.
C Grade: Best Horse & Rider – Lauren O’Malley & Quest.
D Grade: 2nd – Theo Boland, Eleanor Flegg, Siobhan O’Keeffe.
Best Horse & Rider: Theo Boland & Bourbon.

Birr (tri-nations) – July 2nd & 3rd:
A Grade: 1st – Cillian Boland, Paul O’Leary, Richard Donnelly.
                 Best Horse & Rider: Paul O’Leary & Vince.
D Grade: 3rd – Vicky Mcarthur, Eleanor Flegg, Rosie McKeown.
E Grade: 3rd – Lucy Palmer, Siobhan O’Keeffe, Ciaran Heagney.
Tri-Nations (members and awards):
Seniors, 2nd place – Dara Mangan.
Best senior female Horse and Rider combo nomination: Dara Mangan & Jelly.
Under 16, 1st place – Theo Boland, Cian Boland, Lauren O’Malley, Isabelle Alken.
Best Female U16 Horse and Rider combo nomination: Lauren O’Malley & Quest.
Best Male U16 Horse and Rider combo nomination: Cian Boland & Chanel.


Equus – July 16th & 17th:
B Grade: 2nd – Cillian Boland, Lauren O’Malley, George Parrish.
C Grade: 1st – Theo Boland, Cian Boland, Rosie McKeown.
Best Horse & Rider – Cian Boland & Bourbon.
D Grade – 1st – Paula Doherty, Eleanor Flegg, Simon O’Malley (Theo Boland sub.).
Veterans (members and awards):
1st – Ireland 1: Paul Boland, Tom O’Malley, Richard Donnelly.
Best Horse nomination: Chanel (Cian Boland).

Carrickmines – August 13th & 14th:
A/B Grade: 1st – Cillian Boland, Paul O’Leary, Debbie Harris, Cian Boland, Richard Donnelly, Lauren O’Malley.
Best Horse & Rider: Lauren O’Malley & Quest.
C Grade: 2nd – Paul Boland, Rosie McKeown, Maggie Condren, Gokmen Altinkulp, Vicky Macarthur, James Cook.
D Grade: 1st – Lucy Palmer, Eleanor Flegg, Hannah Kileff.
Best Horse & Rider: Eleanor Flegg & Kestrel.

Nationals Wicklow Bay – September 10th & 11th:
A Grade: 1st – Paul O’Leary, Sam Hanlan, Debbie Harris.
Best Horse & Rider: Sam Hanlan & Whiskey.
C Grade: 2nd – Theo Boland, Cian Boland, Rosie McKeown, Lauren O’Malley, Brendan Liddy & Naomi Crowley.
D Grade – 1st: Lucy Palmer, Siobhán O’Keeffe, Jonathan Paul Carroll.