Polocrosse is the fastest growing and most fun equestrian sport in Ireland it’s often described as ‘hurling on horseback’. As the name suggests it is a combination of Polo and lacrosse. Normally played outdoors with a soft rubber ball and a polocrosse racquet. The racquet is a cane stick with a loose net at the racquet head. The ball is caught, picked up and carried in the racquet, the objective is to score goals by throwing the ball into the opponents goal.

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Polocrosse originated in Australia and is now played internationally, it is an easy game to play and understand and people of all ages and abilities can play Polocrosse. There are grades from beginner up to advanced level. If you like horses and team sport, polocrosse is a must!




At Carrickmines we offer a range of lessons for all levels from complete beginners to international level and ages throughout the week, while also holding spring and winter leagues. Many members of the Irish polocrosse World Cup team began horse riding and took up polocrosse as complete beginners in Carrickmines Equestrian Centre, and have achieved successes against other countries such as South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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Our C Grade section at Horetown 2016
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Our B Grade section at Horetown 2016